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    Silicone Hose Q & A Centre

    Why buy AutoSiliconeHoses.com?
    AutoSiliconeHoses are the only major Silicone Hose Manufacturer who actually stock the products they design, manufacture & supply. We know full well buyers don’t want to wait between 6-12 weeks for deliveries as currently quoted by the existing ‘Dinosaurs’ out there. AutoSiliconeHoses.com try to ensure every single hose they supply is available from stock in 3 different colours every day of the year. It’s quite simple; AutoSiliconeHoses.com hold vast stocks of their entire range so when you want a Performance Silicone Hose you can have it the same day.

    Don’t be fooled by some of the existing Silicone Hose suppliers out there, AutoSiliconeHoses.com manufacturer their Silicone Hoses in mass to ensure we can keep the costs low and offer the most competitive RRP’s in the market.

    AutoSiliconeHoses.com ensure every single Silicone Hose they produce meets SAEJ20R1 Class A, Approx annual supply exceeds 100,000 Silicone Hoses which have been supplied in the automotive, marine, agricultural and race markets. AutoSiliconeHoses.com currently supply Formula 1 teams in the current 2010 season
    Can I buy direct from AutoSiliconeHoses.com?
    AutoSiliconeHoses.com offers their products through various distributors in different market sectors. Search online for AutoSiliconeHoses.com to find your nearest ASH Supplier.
    I want to buy a Silicone Hose but the size isn’t listed?
    All our available sizes and shapes are listed in our catalogues / online stores. We are constantly developing and increasing our range of Silicone Hoses, as soon as a new size or shape is available it will be available on our online stores.
    Can you make a custom Silicone Hose for my car?
    Due to the way the hoses are made we cannot make one off specials. Every hose we make needs a specific tool. This makes the cost of a one off too expensive. Again, check out our leading range of standard race parts, which includes elbows, straights, reducers, couplers, joiners – to allow you to create your own custom plumbing.
    Are all Silicone Hoses the same?
    To be brutally honest the majority of Silicone Hoses on the market today are very similar in terms of construction, a typical 3 or 4 ply polyester reinforcement can be found from any of the leading suppliers. We ensure all our hoses are deep blue in appearance with a high gloss finish. Obviously there is going to be the odd supplier out there supplying inferior hoses however now you've found AutoSiliconeHoses.com products you can be rest assured we only supply high performance products which have been tested under F1 conditions. Buy AutoSiliconeHoses.com.
    Why are other SIlicone Hose supplier’s RRP’s so expensive?
    We wouldn’t like to comment why a certain brand is generally so much more expensive than other leading suppliers, this is entirely their own prerogative. However here at AutoSiliconeHoses.com we want to ensure our customers receive good old value for money so we try to pass on these savings at every opportunity.
    Can you put any name on the Silicone Hose?
    If you are prepared to order in bulk then there is an option to have your name on the hose, but please don’t ask for your name on 3 hoses as it isn’t economically viable.
    Do you supply any other colours?
    We hold in stock every single Silicone Hose in Blue, Black & Red. These 3 colours we have found are most commonly asked for colours, you will see 'other' suppliers offering bright pink, dull pnk, baby pink, barbie pink etc etc. to be honest this is just a gimmick and you will find you will be waiting between 6-12 weeks for the hoses to be manufactured. We stick to these 3 popular colour to ensure we can have them on the shelf all of the time in every size and shape.
    Why should I buy Silicone Hoses?
    For the best looks and performance it has to be silicone. Silicone hoses operate at much higher temperatures and pressures than other rubbers, they don’t perish, and they look great. If you are tuning your engine and pushing it to its limit, you don’t want your hoses to let you down.
    How should I clean AutoSiliconeHoses.com Hoses?
    AutoSiliconeHoses.com only recommends using hot soapy water to clean your hoses. If you do this regularly, the natural shine will be promoted.
    If you have any further enquiries please contact us we will be happy to answer them for you, you never know you might even get your question posted in our Silicone Hose Q&A Centre.